How To Use Live Bait More Effectively When You Go Fishing

Many people think using live bait is better then using jigs and what not but the truth is fish will bite both you just need to find out which spots that you fish which bait they like more. When you are fishing with live bait you do not ever want to touch the live bait with your hands if they are dry that will cause the protective film on the fish to come off on your hand and it will leave a scent on the bait of you therefore a fish will not take the bait.

If your live bait is dying or you are just running out in general just use some of the dead bait just make it appear to be alive when you are using it just give it a jig or two when you are waiting for a bite. I have caught all kinds of fish on dead bait from red fish to sharks. Although a lot of people like to fish with artificial baits and lures I personally prefer live bait.

If you are going to be trying to fish with live bait in the summer it can often be hard to keep it alive. I have two options for those who do fish in the summer months and want to catch the big ones. The first option is if you are fishing from a bank then you should have your live bait in a bucket with an air supply. All you do is get a bucket then go buy an air supply from a bait store. The other option is if you are going to be wading when you fish then just simply get your bait bucket and drag it out with you in the water so that the fish you are trying to catch always have something fresh to try and eat. If you just go wading instead of standing on the bank you will probably catch more than you would just standing.

When you are fishing you will want to check the water temps the water on the top of the surface is always going to be warmer then the water deeper so if you are using live bait you will need to use some type of weight to get them down deeper so that they can stay alive long enough for you to be able to actually try and catch something. If you don't have them down deep enough they will just die and float up. That is why keeping your bait live is so important when you are wanting to fish with live bait because if you don't keep the bait live it will soon be dead bait which is no good when you are fishing for a certain fish that only eat live bait. So go out there and get yourself some live bait and learn your own way to fishing with live bait you never know you might catch the biggest fish of your life on live bait and if not you can still use the dead bait after the live bait dies.


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